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Student Life

The Open Window is driven by a vision of progressive creativity and is committed to creating a balanced student life − the campus promotes a safe and welcoming environment where students can develop on a personal and academic level.

As innovators, trendsetters and creative thinkers, students have access to state-of-the-art studio facilities, including photography, film and television labs. This dynamic experience enables students to develop as artists, designers and scholars.

The creative energy on campus allows students to discover their passions both inside and outside the classroom.


Study & Career Support

  • Student Affairs supports students on a personal, emotional, social and academic level.
  • Student Affairs coordinates and manages internship programmes with interested companies and provides graduates with placement opportunities.

Student Support:


Student Council (SC)

The Open Window has a strong Student Council (SC) that plays an active role in social activities, charity events and advocacy.

Importantly, the SC helps shape the academic environment at The Open Window. Its primary role is to act as an intermediary between the students and management. As such, the SC voices any concerns, recommendations and complaints students may have. At the same time, it also acts as a channel through which The Open Window can reach its students.


Clubs & Events

  • FILM CLUB: The Film Club is hosted in the Grotto every Thursday night from 19:00 until late. Expect everything from oddball comedies to slaughterhouse horrors.
  • BODY COPY: A monthly newspaper for the students by the students. The editorial team welcomes any contributions – copy, photographs, comic strips, news and events.
  • SRC EVENTS: The SRC is a hub of activity. They plan all sorts of events – from charity fundraisers and fun parties to sports matches.
  • THE TOW TROUPE: Are you looking to improve your self-confidence, communication and presentation skills and have loads of fun at the same time? The TOW Troupe – a group of actors, dancers, musicians or other entertainers – meets on Tuesdays from 16:00 until 18:00 in the Auditorium
  • SPEECHLESS ASTRONAUTS POETRY CLUB: The poetry club was launched to rekindle students’ love for poetry and encourage them to use their creativity on more than one platform.

Clubs & Events:


Accommodation & Transport

  • Students are responsible for their own accommodation. Student Affairs can help in this regard.
  • Ample secure parking is available on campus.
  • Regular Gautrain busses are available to and from campus.