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The Open Window’s three-year BA Degree in Visual Communication Design and four-year Honours Degree in Visual Communication offer a vibrant mix of practical work, critical and creative thinking, as well as research.

All qualifications are accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and are registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Full-time / Part-time Studies

Students may enroll for any level on a full-time or part-time basis. Full-time students complete a level over one academic year, while part-time students complete a level over two academic years.

The course content is exactly similar. Part-time students may attend any available class; they are not limited to attending after-hours classes. Part-time study costs depend on the subjects that students enroll for.


BA Degree in visual communication design

NQF Level 7 SAQA Registration No: 60470

This professional qualification focuses on producing academically driven design experts.

This degree programme will ensure technical-, academic- and practice-related competencies in traditional and new media. The degree could lead to post-graduate studies in Visual Communication.

First-year Course: Foundation (120 credits)

First-year courses are specifically structured to develop strong technical skills; encourage basic creative problem-solving abilities; and strengthen conceptual drive.

  • First-year students can choose from an array of elective subjects to broaden their scope and establish a strong academic foundation.
  • This unique education model allows students to explore the broader field within the communication design and film arts industries. It also adds foundation competence with regard to related fields of interest to their portfolio.


first-year level in the field of Visual Communication first-year level in the field of Film Arts

Second-year Course: DEGREE (120 credits)

From the second year onwards, emphasis falls on project execution and problem solving.

  • Students must show insight into the creative process, such as forming ideas, activating the imagination, originality, initiative, spontaneity and self-discipline. The course is devoted to more advanced conceptualising and technical skills.
  • Building on the well-developed sense of technical knowledge, creative solutions are found through analytical and synthesising thought processes. Students deliver proof of artistic sensitivity and aesthetic ability.


second-year level in the field of Visual Communication second-year level in the field of Film Arts

THIRD-year Course: DEGREE (120 credits)

In their third year, students integrate industry-based competencies with scholarly and applied research methodology.

  • Entrepreneurial skills are developed and students have to show their ability to plan, operate and manage a project.
  • The third-year curriculum focuses on work-based learning; students are given the opportunity to direct and execute projects commissioned by actual clients.


third-year level in the field of Visual Communication third-year level in the field of Film Arts

The student receives a BA Degree in Visual Communication Design after successfully completing at least 360 credits in total (including a work-based learning session that is compulsory at exit level).

How to become a student