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Admissions Process:

Familiarise yourself with the admissions criteria Below

COMPLETE THE APPLICATION FORM (Applications closed for 2014)

If you meet the admissions criteria, please complete the application form (met die link)
or call us on 012-648-9200 or email to request an application form.

Pay the application fee

An application fee of R300.00 is charged for each application.


A. Submit 3 - 5 artworks with your application OR
B. Draw a still life on campus on the day of the selection interview.

Artwork Requirements

If you want to include artworks that best demonstrate your interest/skill/creativity in the field of design or film. For example: photographs, drawings, paintings, films, animations, web designs, mobile designs or product designs. Please follow the guidelines.

  • Scan your artworks and save as pdf files with a label that describes the content.
  • Upload your film/animation on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Take a screen grab of your website or mobile design.

Submit your application form

Email the following to or hand in on a CD/DVD
Your application form with all the required documents

  • Certified copy of your ID document/passport
  • Certified copy of your Grade 12 certificate/marks obtained in the most recent examinations
  • Proof of payment of the application fee.
  • Your artwork pdf files. (Optional)
  • The link to your YouTube film/animation or website. (Optional)

    Please Note:
    Maximum size of artworks: 5MB (all).
    Send only ONE email with all the documents.

selection interview

  • You will receive an email to confirm that we have received your application and all the required documents. Please allow at least two weeks for processing and notification.
  • We will provide a list of possible selection dates and you may then book your selection interview of about 15 minutes.
  • Applicants who chose the on-campus drawing option will have 30 minutes to complete a still life drawing after which they will be interviewed. (Optional)



  • A National Senior Certificate (issued from 2008) or a Grade 12 certificate.
  • Minimum APS* requirements for Degree studies: 22 (or p-count: at least 14) or for Diploma studies: 15 (or p-count of at least 10).
  • Since English is the language of instruction at The Open Window, it will be a required subject with a minimum APS of 4 (50%).
  • Even though Art or art-related subjects are not a requirement, acquiring skills in drawing is of paramount importance for students to pass all levels.
  • All applicants must show creative potential, above-average problem-solving skills, basic drawing competency and observational abilities.


Six subjects are taken into account to compute the APS. (Life Orientation is excluded). All subjects carry equal value.




Complete and submit the application form from the link provided above, call us on 012-648-9200 or email us at to request an application form.

An application fee of R300.00 is charged for each application.


Selection DATES:

  • 15-minute interviews will be conducted on Friday afternoons (13:00-16:00) and Saturday mornings (09:00-12:00) on the following dates:

    Friday           10 May
    Saturday      11 May
    Friday           7 June
    Saturday      8 June
    Saturday      22 June
    Friday           28 June
    Saturday      29 June
    Friday           12 July
    Saturday      13 July
    Friday           26 July
    Saturday      27 July
    Friday           23 August
    Saturday       24 August
    Friday           20 September
    Saturday       21 September
    Friday           27 September
    Saturday      28 September
    Saturday      26 October
    Friday           29 November
    Saturday      30 November


Registration & Subject selection:

Once we have assessed your tests (as discussed above), and you have been accepted, we will send you:

  • Your letter of acceptance with registration procedures.
  • The registration and debit order form.
  • The programme selection form.

Please note: Only students who have received confirmation of acceptance may submit registration forms.

If you meet the requirements for an Open Window scholarship, complete the application form and submit it to The Open Window (together with the required documentation) before the deadline.