Simulator / Games Developer

Website 5DT (Fifth Dimension Technologies)

We develop Training Systems & VR/XR Systems

We are seeking Simulator Developers and Game Developers to help us develop Next-Generation Training Simulators, VR Systems and XR Systems.

We are seeking the best of the best!

Benefits of Working at 5DT (Based on an internal survey):

• Very High Co-Worker Quality

• Pleasant Work Environment

• Flexible Work Hours

• Good Work-Life Balance

• Multinational Company

• High Technology Company

• Focus on Creativity & Innovation

• Working towards a Bigger Purpose

Tasks and Responsibilities:

• Development of Training Simulators

• Development of Virtual Reality (VR) Systems

• Development of Extended Reality (XR) Systems

Personal Requirements:

• Smart, Savvy & Robust

• Quick Learner

• Self Motivated

• Team Player

• Hardworking

• Detail Oriented

• Organised and Structured

• Meticulous, Thorough & Precise

Professional Requirements:

• B Degree (or Equivalent Qualification)

• Solid knowledge of and experience in C++, C#, Unity or Java programming

• Interest in Game Design, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Extended Reality

• Passion for Software Development

To apply, e-mail your CV (resume) and realistic salary expectation to:

Please note that we are hiring and interviewing NOW. Please apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. An ‘average’ or incomplete CV (resume) submitted right now, would be a lot better than a perfect CV (resume) submitted later!

To apply for this job email your details to