Facilities Coordinator

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Open Window is a fully accredited private higher education provider offering Honours, Degrees and Certificates.

Job Title: Facilities Coordinator

Location: Stellenbosch, South Africa

Employer: Private Higher Education and Training Institution (Shared Responsibility between Open Window and Belgium Campus iTversity)

Job Summary:

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Facilities Coordinator to oversee and manage the facilities at our private higher education institutions, Open Window and Belgium Campus iTversity, located in Stellenbosch. The Facilities Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring the efficient operation, maintenance, and improvement of our campus facilities to provide a safe, functional, and comfortable environment for students, faculty, staff, visitors, and contractors.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Facility Maintenance and Operations:
    • Plan and execute maintenance schedules for all campus facilities, including classrooms, offices, and all common & shared areas.
    • Coordinate and supervise maintenance staff, contractors, and vendors to ensure timely and quality repairs and upgrades.
    • Perform regular inspections of buildings, grounds, and equipment to identify and address maintenance needs.
    • Maintain records of maintenance activities and ensure compliance with safety regulations.
  • Budget Management:
    • Develop and manage the facilities budget, including forecasting expenses, tracking costs, and optimising spending.
    • Identify cost-saving opportunities and negotiate contracts for facility services, maintenance, and supplies.
  • Health and Safety:
    • Ensure that all facilities comply with health and safety regulations and industry standards.
    • Develop and implement safety protocols and emergency response plans.
    • Conduct safety inspections and risk assessments.
    • Prepare all required documentation for the annual occupational health and safety audits. Ensure that the campus is compliant in all aspects.
    • Conduct bi-annual emergency evacuation drills.
  • Space Planning and Allocation:
    • Collaborate with academic and administrative departments to assess space needs and allocate resources accordingly.
    • Oversee space planning and utilisation to optimise the campus layout.
  • Sustainability Initiatives:
    • Promote and implement sustainable practices within the facilities, such as energy conservation, waste reduction, and eco-friendly initiatives.
    • Explore opportunities for renewable energy sources and environmentally responsible construction or renovation projects.
  • Security:
    • Manage campus security measures, including surveillance systems, access control, and emergency response procedures.
    • Collaborate with security personnel to ensure the safety of students, staff, and visitors.
  • Facility Improvement Projects:
    • Plan and execute facility improvement projects, renovations, and upgrades.
    • Coordinate with architects, contractors, and stakeholders to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • Reporting and Documentation:
    • Prepare regular reports on the status of facility operations and maintenance for management and stakeholders.
    • Maintain accurate records, including maintenance logs, contracts, and warranties.


  • Higher Certificate in Facilities Management, Business Administration, or a related field (Bachelor’s Degree preferred)
  • Proven experience in facilities management, preferably at an educational institution.
  • SHE Representative certificate.
  • Firefighting certificate.
  • Knowledge of emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Ability to repair things and problem-solving abilities.
  • Strong leadership and team management skills.
  • Excellent communication and negotiation abilities.
  • Budget management experience.
  • Proficiency in computer software and facility management systems.

Working Conditions:

  • This position may require occasional evening or weekend work to perform maintenance or resolve facilities-related issues.
  • The facilities coordinator may need to travel between the two campuses (Open Window and Belgium Campus iTversity) as required – both situated on the same property.
  • Physical demands include lifting and carrying heavy items and equipment.

This Facilities Coordinator role offers an exciting opportunity to play a key role in ensuring the smooth operation and continuous improvement of our campus facilities at a private higher education and training institution in Stellenbosch. If you have the necessary qualifications and experience, we encourage you to apply and be a part of our dynamic team.


The closing date for applications is 24 November 2023

To apply please send your CV and motivational cover letter explaining why you are interested in the position to:

Lukas van der Merwe, COO

Please note: 

  • In support of the company’s Employment Equity plan, applicants from designated groups are encouraged to apply. 
  • No application will be considered after the closing date, or if it does not comply with at least the minimum requirements. 
  • Should you not receive a response within two months after the closing date please consider your application unsuccessful. 
  • The Open Window reserves the right to retract the position advertised without notice. 
  • As your application is likely to contain personal information, the documents will be handled according to OW POPIA policies, and the information will be shared with HR, interview panels, and the Academic Executive.