Digital Content Creator / Copywriter / Social Media Community Manager

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Digital Content Creator / Copywriter / Social Media Community Manager and Content Creator

Start Date: April/May 2024, or sooner if available

Duration: 3 months, with a potential offer of employment

Location: Remote or hybrid if living in Johannesburg

Supervisor: Natasha Nass

Roles and Responsibilities: Content creation and copywriting

Stipend: R80/hr

Gender: As our agency name infers, we are an all-female team and ideally require a female to fill this position

Learning Opportunities: As an intern, they can expect a multifaceted learning and growth experience, rich with opportunities to gain insights into the branding industry, develop creative skills, and understand the strategic underpinnings of brand development and management. Below are the key development areas that an intern at jane doe. creative can expect benefit from:


1. Exposure to Brand Strategy Development:

The intern will have the chance to observe and participate in the process of creating and executing brand strategies. This includes understanding market research, analysing consumer behaviour, and learning how to position a brand effectively in its market. It’s an excellent opportunity to see how strategic decisions are informed by data and creative thinking.


2. Digital Marketing and Social Media Engagement:

With the digital landscape being pivotal to brand success, the intern will learn how to leverage various digital marketing tools and platforms. This includes content creation, social media strategy, email marketing, SEO, and analytics. Understanding how to engage with audiences online and analyse digital performance metrics is crucial for any branding professional.


3. Project Management Skills:

The intern will gain practical experience in managing projects, from initial briefs to final delivery. This encompasses planning, coordination, time management, and communication with team members and clients. Such experience is invaluable for understanding how projects come to life within a brand agency.


4. Client Relations and Communication:

Learning how to communicate effectively with clients is a critical skill in a branding agency. The intern will observe and participate in client meetings, presentations, and feedback sessions, providing them with insights into the dynamics of client-agency relationships and how to navigate them successfully.


5. Collaboration and Teamwork:

Working in a brand agency involves collaboration across various departments, from creative to marketing to strategy. The intern will learn the importance of teamwork, how to contribute ideas effectively, and how to integrate feedback into their work.


6. Portfolio Development:

For creative professionals, having a strong portfolio is essential. The intern will have opportunities to work on real projects that can be added to their portfolios, showcasing their skills and experience to future employers.


7. Adaptability and Problem-Solving:

In the fast-paced environment of a brand agency, the intern will learn to be adaptable and to solve problems creatively. Whether it’s meeting tight deadlines, adjusting strategies based on feedback, or finding creative solutions, these experiences are invaluable for personal and professional growth.

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