Marketing Coordinator

Website Vision Works, Optometrists



10 October 2023






The Marketing Assistant is responsible for developing the profile of the various companies and brands within the Vision Works and Hearing Works group/s.


The primary brands are:

·        Vision Works Optometrists (a franchised group of optometrists, who are also referred to as Brand Partners) followed by

·        Hearing Works Audiologists (a franchised group of audiologists, also referred to as Brand Partners)


The incumbent is responsible for implementing an integrated marketing strategy across the organisation by translating the Company’s strategic vision into an effective supporting marketing strategies geared to assist the Brand Partners and at the same time directed at the Consumer.

This will include the implementation of marketing campaigns to build brand awareness, improve product approval ratings and to support the Brand Partners to attain the revenue goals and franchise development targets.

At the same time the incumbent is required to work with Vision Works Brand Partners to develop and implement market strategies across all marketing platforms.  Namely Google and social media.



The key outputs and responsibilities of this position:


A.  Marketing Strategy

1) Work with the CEO of Vision Works and third-party marketing / advertising / digital companies, to create and deliver promotions, with related content in line with the Marketing Strategy of Vision/Hearing Works to ensure that the Company communicates in a consistent, accurate, professional and efficient manner with all key audiences.

2) Work with the relevant agencies to keep the Marketing & Communications Strategy under review and to update Marketing Strategy Plan on a semi-annual basis or as necessary.

3)  Meet if not exceed the marketing needs of the Company and the Brand Partners.


B.  Digital and Social Media Content

1) Publish content on social media channels on a regular basis (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) in line with guidelines contained in the Marketing Strategy.

2) Execute and manage social media campaigns to build followers, enhance visibility, and drive engagement with Vision Works’s customer base.

3) Conduct ongoing analysis to assess the effectiveness of the performance of promotions, digital content and campaigns.

4) Build relationships with third-party entities/publishers/web sites to provide regular content contributions in relevant public platforms and forums.

5) Work with internal resources and external agencies to provide content to third-party publishers on a regular basis. Create and distribute digital content to appropriate audiences.

6) Perform “social listening” to identify market influencers and marketing outreach opportunities.

7) Optimize content for search engines and provide ongoing analysis and performance reporting. Make recommendations to management regarding improvements in this regard.

8) Ensure all digital marketing campaigns and content are in compliance with the Marketing

Strategy, the organisation’s overall Strategic Plan, the Healthcare Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the South Africa Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA).

9) Create and manage scoping documentation, program schedule, project checklists, annual marketing plan and budgets.


C.  Marketing and Branding

1) Advise and strategise with various suppliers, third party agencies on marketing and advertising requirements for all business entities within the Company.

2) Identify suitable print/digital advertising opportunities and negotiate space accordingly.  Undertake same for all digital media platforms including but not limited to Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.

3) Create strategic promotions and advertisements in various media in liaison with external/internal (where applicable) graphic design consultants, where necessary.

4) Act as ‘brand guardian’ and maintain brand assets – in conjunction with the suppliers, manufacturers and franchisees to maintain guidelines for use of the Company’s CI material, trade-marks and co-ordinate all print production/online templates for stationery, retail accessories, publicity material, using the logos/brands to ensure correct use of the Company’s identity relative to the Company’s website and ”brand share” marketing repository.

5) Manage, develop and market new promotions and or brands which the Company brings to the market from time to time, working in collaboration with the Brand Partners, as and when required.

6) Conceive and order branded marketing goods, maintaining an appropriate corporate identity across the Company and it’s Brand Partners .

7) Conduct appropriate market research, market segmentation including competitor analysis, demographic and economic reviews, and examination of local and international trends etc.

8) Ensure the systematic collection, review and analysis of market information to identify competitor tactics, market trends, new opportunities and challenges.


D. Website

1) In conjunction with an external digital design agency, create a development plan for the company’s website to meet the marketing needs of the Company and its Brand Partners.

2) Actively maintain the Company website, updating regularly with images, news, video and new copy as appropriate.

3) Actively maintain the Company online portal with new products, promotions and images.

4) Identify the key goals for analysing website and online store data and use together with the information on the website traffic to inform all website development decisions.


E. Data Management

1) Work closely with staff, management, Brand Partners etc. to establish and maintain an accurate and up-to-date CRM database on an appropriate software platform.

2) Ensure the CRM database software platform is integrated website, email and other social media platforms so as to collect and extract effective marketing data.

3) Play an active role in improving internal data processes, suggesting changes to streamline

the processes and implementing these where appropriate both internally and with the Brand Partners.

4) Work with the data from the CRM system to generate user-friendly information for effective direct marketing initiatives.

5) Apply research skills to generate new data, e.g., collecting detailed customer information.

6) Ensure ongoing and full compliance with the relevant national legislation to mitigate any risk to the Company.  This includes but is not limited to the South African Healthcare Professions Council of South Africa, the South African Optometric Association, South African Audiology Association to name a few.


F. Budget Management

1) Overall responsibility for the management of the Marketing and Communications budget, in liaison with relevant agencies, to ensure an appropriate budget as well as the control of effective marketing-related expenditure.

2) Produce reports to the CEO on Marketing and Communications actual expenditure against budget, when required.

3) Obtain approval and CEO sign-off for all marketing-related quotes and invoices.


G. Networking /Relationship-Building

1) Establish and maintain excellent working relationships with suppliers including but not limited to Dis-Chem Pharmacy, Medical Aids, Software Developers, Suppliers, Loyalty partners etc.

2) Ensure the Company makes use of the resources available from its suppliers and related organisations, and that the activities and opportunities which are complementary are exploited.


H. General

1) Work collaboratively across the Company as a senior member of the management team, building productive relationships at all levels.

2) Work with relevant colleagues to ensure that the marketing department’s work meets all organisational and legal frameworks, including but not exhaustively health and safety as well as any relevant legislation.

3) Prepare strategic reports (outcomes-based) and compile statistics on activity as required.

4) Ensure up-to-date record keeping on activity and clear information management.

5) Maintain the necessary up-to-date database information regarding the suppliers as well as

all the customers of the Brand Partners – where applicable.

6) Carry out any other duties as may be reasonably required and within your capabilities.

7) Prepare a comprehensive annual marketing calendar.

8) Travel as necessary to visit optometry and audiology practices.  Conduct marketing audits with Brand Partners re’ the look and feel of the optometry practices.

9) Prepare marketing plans with budgets for optometry and audiology franchisees/Brand Partners.

10) Implement marketing plans derived from meetings with optometry and audiology Brand Partners in line with company CI policy and annual marketing calendar.

11)  Assist Brand Partners with their marketing plans, assist with their understanding and use of Brand Share, in-store marketing / merchandising and any other related marketing activities.  Implement the Business Accelerator Program with Brand Partners.

12) Attend side-walk sales, community initiatives and assist Brand Partners with marketing in and around these events.

13) Work with shopping centre managers/marketing departments to help promote the business interests of the Brand Partners.

14) Other functions which derive from those listed above.




Characteristics of a suitable incumbent for this position –


Required Qualifications:

Matric (Grade 12)

An applicable tertiary qualification in Marketing or allied field.



▪ 3+ years of proven experience as a Junior or Senior Marketing Manager.

▪ Proven experience in being responsible for the overall marketing strategy of a company.

▪ Extensive experience of people management.

▪ Experience of managing and delivering marketing campaigns to the company’s Brand Partners.

▪ Experience of dealing with the media (newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, social media etc.).



a. Knowledge:

i. A good understanding of the broader marketing industry and specifically the industry/ies, sectors within which the Company operates.

ii. A keen interest in and knowledge of graphic design, marketing and media trends.

iii. Experience of managing outsourced suppliers in a large environment, would be beneficial.

iv.  A solid working knowledge of the relevant legislation that governs the products and services which the Company offers to the general public e.g. POPIA.

v. A solid working knowledge of the technical side of the various products, which the Company brings to market namely optical frames, prescription lenses, contact lenses, sunglasses.


b. Skills:

i. Well-developed communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to build effective working relationships and influence and persuade through credibility, integrity, and professionalism.

ii. A strong ability to set and prioritise objectives, work in accordance with strict deadlines and the ability to manage a high workload.

iii. A high level of Information Technology skills, specifically being highly PC and/or Mac literate, graphic design, Power Point etc.

iv. Highly developed skills in Web development as well as editing and copywriting skills.

v. Excellent numeracy skills, including forecasting, reporting and budgeting skills.

vi. A high level of displayed creativity and marketing flair.


c. Commitments:

i. The willingness to lead a work team and to participate in its development.

ii. The ability to work effectively within a team-based environment.

iii. Highly motivated with a strong willingness to take responsibility.

iv. An ability to work under pressure and observe strict deadlines.

v. Willingness to work overtime and specifically over weekends (seldom required) and Saturdays/Sundays where deadlines dictate to take work home and work after hours.


Thank you 😊

To apply for this job email your details to GEORGEL@ACENET.CO.ZA.