As a kid, I always coloured in between the lines and paid very little attention to space surrounding the hard pencilled contours. Warping in most areas with the occasional hole etched in the paper by my 6b.  Surely this was life hinting that becoming a creative was not for me. Needless to say, I never listened. 

My creative journey quickly transitioned from “professional colouring in booker”. To “skilled mistake-maker” at The Open Window. I completed my degree as a Communication Design major in 2016. And was afforded many amazing opportunities during this time. This, first and foremost, meant that I had now found my passion. 

In my final year, I grew the confidence to start sharing my work and began developing my profile in the creative industry. I was privileged to acquire a number of international publications. And the most prestigious of my awards being a Craft Gold Loerie as well as a Craft Certificate in 2016.  A shared award, in my opinion, thanks to my lecturers/mentors. 

A close friend of mine and peer from my degree once said to me “Get it while the getting is good. And so we did. I completed my Honours degree in Communication Design in 2017. A real challenge and the ultimate life changer. This is no easy journey but most definitely one I would urge anyone with the capacity to endure. My four years at The Open Window Institue awakened my critical thinking. I became more articulate and learned to communicate effectively. My experience at the college taught me to fully emerge myself in my passion and just say yes. 

I am currently a freelance Illustration, Motion and Graphic Designer. In both the local and international market pursuing my passion fully. Change is inevitable, and my desire to learn new skills and evolve as an emerging creative has just begun. The future of my career is blurred as it should be. You therefore never know what the final drawing will look like. One thing is for certain, I now make holes in my paper intentionally and find my colour application everywhere besides for in the lines.