High School - Workshop Programmes

Open Window offers a variety of workshops for high school learners, aged 13 to 18 years old.

Presented by Open Window lecturers, who are industry professionals and experts in their own right, the workshops allow for first-hand insight and experience into studying at Open Window.

They provide a solid understanding of a number of art and design disciplines, and how each may be harnessed for personal expression, storytelling and successful career-building.

Kindly note that our workshops have been postponed till further notice.

Introduction to Cyanotype

Cost: R500.00

In this workshop, students will be introduced to basic Cyanotype printing techniques.

This will range from using flowers in prints to hand-drawn images or photographs that have been turned into negative images.

Character Development

Character Development

Cost: R450.00

This workshop will focus on bringing life to objects through a few drawing activities.


GIF Workshop

Cost: R849.00
(Includes 12 month Adobe Licence)

This workshop teaches students how to conceptualise, plan and create an animated gif in Adobe Photoshop.

Students are introduced to the Photoshop interface and the necessary tools and techniques before being guided through the process of idea generation and creating a gif storyboard.

Different digital image manipulation techniques, digital collage techniques and typography will be explored in Photoshop in order for students to carry out their ideas.


Cost: R450.00

Illustration has no boundaries. There is no right or wrong. You are free to explore the deepest and wildest aspects of your imagination. Illustration is the practice of conceptualizing your ideas on paper. Students will experiment with various mediums and techniques whilst exploring different styles used within an illustration. They will also take part in a group activity where they will combine their different styles and learn from each other’s art.

Making things Move

Cost: R450.00

An introduction to how we can use code to make something move. The student will be taught how to use sensors and input devices to turn LEDs on and buttons to trigger sounds using a microcontroller called an Arduino.

Film and TV

Cost: R1,049.00
(Includes 12 month Adobe Licence)

This workshop will cover fundamental film terminology, an introduction to cinematography, audio as well as editing. Students will be given a crash course on running a film set and be given the opportunity to shoot and edit a film of their own.

3D Animation & Motion Design

Cost: R849.00
(Includes 12 month Adobe Licence)

This workshop will introduce you to professional-grade 3D and 2D animation software so you can create your own short animated film. You will learn how to use Blender to create and animate a simple 3D character. With the lecturer’s assistance, you’ll render out a short looping sequence which you can then use in your film. In After Effects, you’ll design and animate an environment for your character and composite them into the scene. Lastly, we’ll export the project as a small video clip for your (and your followers’) viewing pleasure.

CAD & Product Design - Into the Maker Space

Cost: R1,000.00

An introduction to CAD Software (SolidWorks) and hands-on product development.

Experimental Design

Cost: R849.00
(Includes 12 month Adobe Licence)

Graphic design is as much about breaking the rules as it is about working within established boundaries. Risk-taking and experimentation is an important component of any creative endeavour and graphic design is no different. Not only does it help shape the progression of the broader field, it also helps individual designers explore image generation and meaning-making in ways that traditional and commercial design inhibits. This course is aimed at exactly that – helping prospective students defy established design rules in favour of discovering unexplored mediums, compositions, and concepts.

Creative Maker - 3D Printing

Cost: R950.00

The Creative Maker Workshop explores how a combination of skills and technologies can be combined to facilitate rapid prototyping and explore innovative interactive art forms. The course covers an introduction to working with 3D printing hardware and software, with students 3D printing the components for the workshop.

Screen Acting Workshop

Cost: R450.00

Acting for the camera requires complete vulnerability and honesty, the actor needs to embrace the potential for failure and embarrassment in order to be believed.
In this intensive workshop, we introduce actors to the Meisner technique which will expose them to what Meisner describes as “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances”.
The workshop will focus on responding to honest impulses, owning your own opinion, listening to your scene partner and allowing yourself to be seen. We will cover a series of exercises and end off with a presentation of scenes in which the newly found skills will be applied.”

Intro to Code

Cost: R450.00

An introduction to the cornerstone programming languages of the web, with a look at HTML, CSS and Javascript. The student will be tasked with creating an online form that will showcase the structural aspects of HTML, the aesthetic aspects of CSS and the functional capabilities of Javascript.

Game Design

Cost: R849.00
(Includes 12 month Adobe Licence)

Intro to 3D, game logic and interactive animation. Join us on an adventure into the realm of Games. Using Unity, we’ll show you how to set up a player controller along with some rudimentary game-logic to create a fun interactive experience for you and friends to enjoy. Setting up simple arcade-style mechanics for your game will help you understand the restrictions of retro-classics like Pong or Space Invaders while gaining insight into the scope of modern-day game titles and what it takes to become a Game Designer.

Introduction to Monotype Printing

Cost: R500.00

A basic introduction to monotype printing. a short lesson on ink application and aspects of working with ink.

During this workshop, students will gain skills that may be used in a classroom setting or from the comfort of their own homes.

This workshop will make use of traditional and non-traditional methods of printing monotypes.

Lino Printing

Cost: R580.00

In this workshop, students will explore line and mark-making while creating linocut prints. At the end of this workshop, learners should have an understanding of how linocuts work and how to print lino’s with found materials at home.