Bachelor Degrees

Students can choose from one of three undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication
  • Bachelor of Interaction Design
  • Bachelor of Film Arts

We also offer a postgraduate degree:

  • Bachelor of Arts Honours in Visual Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication Design  NQF 7

SAQA ID: 60470


VISUAL COMMUNICATION is integral to all contemporary media and forms the backbone upon which both the applied arts and fine arts environments are built. The Open Window VISUAL COMMUNICATION programme is a progressive platform for learners to explore Communication DesignIllustration and Photography. The programme is designed to offer the graduate a sustainable career by focusing on an area of specialisation in one or two of the above fields whilst encouraging interdisciplinary awareness through a wide selection of skills-based modules. This approach provides a flexibility that promotes broad thinking and interdisciplinary articulation within a student’s chosen field(s) of study.

Our graduates are able to solve problems in the rapidly developing applied arts arena. Particular emphasis is placed on contextualising creative practices and trends within the relevant discourses of technological, socioeconomic, cultural and political arenas in order to ensure that graduates have the ability to contribute as responsible visual communicators. This qualification is intended for photographers, graphic designers, creative directors, copywriters and illustrators.

Majors offered in the school of Visual Communication:

Bachelor of Interaction Design  NQF 7

SAQA ID: 99355


All things physical and digital require a consideration for the people that use them. Our SCHOOL OF CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIES trains practitioners to design and develop a dialogue between the user and the product.

The INTERACTION DESIGN degree at Open Window is the first of its kind locally, offering innovative study in the diverse and rapidly evolving fields of Interactive DevelopmentInteraction Design and 3D Design.

This degree provides the graduate with a sustainable career in these dynamic and emerging fields, by providing specialisation in a discipline of choice, while still allowing for significant exposure in a range of related skills across the design and development industries.

The Interaction Design programme is dedicated to addressing the educational needs created by the gap in the design industry and the new opportunities that go along with it. Graduates are equipped with strong problem-solving and research skills in order to craft meaningful experiences through products. This qualification is intended for developers, interaction designers and product designers.

Majors offered in the school of Creative Technologies:

Bachelor of Film Arts  NQF 7

SAQA ID: 94670


THE MOVING IMAGE is the fastest growing sector of the visual arts worldwide. The audio-visual experience is now at the heart of every mass communication medium. The Open Window Bachelor of Film Arts degree is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of this dynamic and contemporary art form.

The FILM ARTS programme offers an exciting immersion in audio-visual communication, with a wide range of skills that enable students to work in tomorrow’s demanding time-based media environment. Emphasis is placed on narrative and storytelling across all audio-visual moving image “platforms”. The programme is designed to offer the graduate a sustainable career by focusing on an area of specialisation while encouraging an interdisciplinary audio-visual awareness. Majors include Motion Design, Game Design, 3D AnimationScreenwriting, Production Design, Sound Design, Screen Acting and Film & Television.

This approach provides a flexibility that promotes lateral thinking in arriving at innovative problem-solving solutions in the corporate, entertainment and art environments. Students are made aware of the technological, socio-economic, cultural, and political context of issues facing tomorrow’s audio-visual communicator in Africa and abroad. This qualification is intended for scriptwriters, broad base producer/director filmmakers, sound designers, 3D animators, motion designers, game designers, production designers and screen actors.

Majors offered in the school of Film: