Film Arts

Bachelor of Film Arts

NQF Level 7 | SAQA ID: 94670


The FILM ARTS programme offers an exciting immersion in audio-visual communication, with a wide range of skills that enable students to work in tomorrow’s demanding time-based media environment. Emphasis is placed on narrative and storytelling across all audio-visual moving image “platforms”. The programme is designed to offer the graduate a sustainable career by focusing on an area of specialisation, while encouraging an interdisciplinary audiovisual awareness. This qualification is intended for scriptwriters, broad base producer/director filmmakers, sound designers, 3D animators, motion designers, game designers, production designers and screen actors.


  • APS score of 22 (or p-count of at least 14)
  • English with a minimum APS of 4 (50%)
  • For international application or if entry requirements are not met for the degree enrollment please contact

1st YEAR


  • Academic Skills
  • Film Theory
  • Media Aesthetics
  • Creative Development
  • Story & Ritual

2nd YEAR


Choose one 1st year choice subject for a single major option or choose two of the 1st year choice subjects for a *double major option:

For more information on the 2nd and 3rd year subjects click on one of the major subjects.

*Double major only allowed within qualifications.

Double Majors