President:Nicole Thackwray

As our President, Nicole brings resilient leadership to the team with her vivid, opinionated, and compassionate personality. She is the foundation upon which the SRC can easily rest. She is our chief mediator, advisor, communicator and the overall force that drives the SRC allowing students to have a voice among lecturers.

Nicole is a Production Design and Screenwriting Major in the Film School. She is an avid musician: vocalist, violist, and general classical music enthusiast. To see her photography and aesthetic endeavours feel free to explore her insta-handle: @toomanynoodles


Deputy President:Zelswa Bezuidenhout

Zelswa is the mom of our group: the one that refuses to sit on the sidelines. As Deputy President, she is responsible for the members of the SRC and the cohesion between the different portfolios. Her caring personality and inability to leave any student behind brings the perfect balance to the SRC, ensuring our integrity and accountability.

Zelswa is studying Interaction Design with a Development focus. She enjoys meditation and long walks to her fridge. You can view Zelswa’s portfolio online at


Secretary:Michelle Dexter

Michelle is our quiet observer who keeps the wheels turning in the background, making sure that the SRC stays on track to achieve our goals. She is the middle-man between the administrative portfolios and the student-connection portfolios thereby ensuring the students’ voices are heard in the council. She is responsible for all external and internal communications.

Michelle is majoring in Communication Design. She enjoys nature, with a green thumb and a love for surfing. To get in contact with Michelle you can use her insta-handle: @michelle_dexter or explore her design work at


Treasurer:Samantha Dolman

Sam is the bubbles and sunshine of the group, she keeps us hopeful and energized. She is in charge of our budgets and money - and her measured and positive attitude ensures that our admin is dealt with without drudgery, and that our finances are always in balance. She is in charge of all financial admin, as well as income and expenditure decisions.

Sam is majoring in Film & TV and Screenwriting. She loves people and is always down to listen to a good story. To get in contact with Sam, take a look at her insta.


Social & Events:Emil Zendera

Emil and Jarred will be working alongside one another to keep Open Window Students connected. This includes organizing social platforms, creating clubs and having regular events. Emil brings calmness into our group dynamic with his cool, collected attitude, and Jarred brings optimistic energy that keeps us all on our toes. Together they bring a little play to the students to create a fun environment where students can express themselves and be connected with one another. Emil is majoring in Film & TV and Screen Acting. His hobby is producing music. To connect with Emil you can contact him through his insta-handle: @the_boy_dutch or see some of his work.


Social & Events:Jarred Karp

Emil and Jarred’s responsibilities are to create a safe and enjoyable space for students to be social and develop strong and lasting university relationships. Jarred is a dual major in Sound Design and Film & TV. Jarred enjoys Cinematography and would like to pursue it as a career. His personal hobbies include photographing on 35mm film because: “The idea of not being fully in control of a final product scares me and drives me to become a technically strong photographer.” You can contact Jarred on Instagram: @saint_yared or explore his work.


Student Support and Advisory:Vincent Anderes

Vincent is a caring, sympathetic and sensitive peoples’ person with a soft shoulder, should anyone need it. Ali is a strong personality and defender of students who will not stand for anyone being wronged. He has a strong presence and voice in the SRC which allows him to provide constant insights and ideas to improve student-life at Open Window.

Vincent is currently double majoring in Film & TV and Sound Design. His passion is anything musical. He has a grade 8 piano qualification and also plays the bass guitar, guitar and drums. You can contact Vince anytime through his insta-handle.


Student Support and Advisory:Ali Rabiei

Vincent and Ali will be working together to be the bridge between students and the Open Window staff and provide an overall support system. This team will be helping specifically with regards to special needs students, but their work also applies to any student experiencing problems on campus. Vincent and Ali are here to listen: they will provide direct support with whatever the students are facing or if they are not capable, they will put the student into contact with someone that is. Within the SRC group, Vincent and Ali will represent the student-voice.

Ali is majoring in Film & TV and Sound Design. His hobbies include watching and making films. You can contact him on Instagram.