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Open Window strives to create the necessary pathways for this generation to advance with confidence into this digitally driven era of exponential technological and creative growth.

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3 Degrees, 14 Specialisations

Visual Communication

The Visual Communication programme is a progressive platform for learners to explore Communication Design, Illustration, and Photography.


Film Arts

The Film Arts programme offers an exciting immersion in audio-visual communication, with a wide range of skills that enable students to work in tomorrow’s demanding time-based media environment.


Creative Technologies

The Creative Technologies programme is the first of its kind locally, offering innovative study in the diverse and rapidly evolving fields of Interactive Development, Interaction Design, and 3D Design.

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Open Window Institutes’ leisurely and safe environment allows students to relax between classes and gives them a variety of open space to work and explore their creativity. Students can enjoy the use of a high-tech auditorium, spacious air-conditioned studios and lecture halls, a film production area with overhead lighting and green screen facilities, a photography studio that is well stocked with Profoto studio equipment, a sound recording studio, a sound post-production studio and state-of-the-art editing suites.

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