Postgraduate Diploma

Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Practice

NQF Level 8 | SAQA ID: 120783

The Open Window’s Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Practice is offered at NQF level 8 and consists of 120 credits in total. The degree’s methodology is practice-led and practice-focused and comprises both practical and theoretical components that are examinable.

The subjects included in the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Practice:
+ Creative Production Primary (50 credits)
+ Creative Production Secondary (30 credits)
+ Creative Business Practice (20 credits)
+ Research & Reflection (20 credits)

The Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Practice is intended for students aiming to further delve into their identified field of specialisation and hone these skills to advance and expand on their professional portfolio. The course is predominantly practically focused. Creative Production Primary provides scope for further knowledge and skills in their creative practice. Creative Production Secondary sets out to encourage students to gain skills and in-depth knowledge in an additional practical field that may be considered their secondary field of expertise.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Practice is relevant to a student wanting to:
+ Develop their specialisation
+ Expand their portfolio
+ Gain skills in an additional practical field
+ Develop foundational creative business practice knowledge

Students completing the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Practice are encouraged to further their practical skills and knowledge, tools and practices.

Possible areas of expertise could include Communication Design, Illustration, Photography, Film & TV, Sound Design, Production Design, Screen Acting, Screenwriting, Motion Design, 3D Animation, Game Design, Interaction Design, Interactive Development and Product Design.

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