Our orientation programme is exclusively for first year students and is designed to familiarise students with the campus, lecturers and fellow students. Their minds are opened to the world of student life through creative competitions, team building activities, treasure hunts, tubing on the Vaal at the First Year Space Camp as well as dress-up challenges.


Our First Year Space Camp is a three day adventure which takes place at the Vredefort Dome, an acclaimed World Heritage Site. The camp is based at a mountain retreat in the Vredefort Dome and activities include stargazing, archery, oddball films and druming circles, amongst other activities. Orientation is a time of team building, adventure and plenty of laughs as students get to know each other and set a solid foundation and support system for the academic years ahead.


The following areas form part of Open Window’s Student Support:
+ A student help desk at reception to assist with any queries
+ A counsellor is available to assist with time management and support
+ Tutors are available to assist students with studies
+ MetaSchool administration

Open Window places a high premium on both the academic and emotional well being of its students. It is for this reason that the Student Support Department works closely with students and parents to ensure the successful completion of academic courses by students.