Creative Hybrid - Multimodal Teaching Approach

Open Window has adopted a multimodal, or hybrid, learning and teaching approach, making use of both virtually mediated contact time between lecturers and students, coupled with regular and meaningful on-campus lectures, group discussions, group workshops, and critical evaluations. 

We have adopted three learning and teaching ‘models’, which are applied according to which model best suits the subject’s requirements:

  • Model 1: A predominantly campus facilitated approach
    For our subjects/modules requiring specialist equipment, access to facilities, or hands-on training, we are adopting a predominantly campus-facilitated approach. Should these subjects have theory sessions linked to them, these will take place online via synchronous virtual mediation.
  • Model 2: A multimodal approach
    For OW subjects/modules that thrive using synchronous virtual teaching approaches, whilst still benefiting from campus-facilitated contact time, we are adopting a multi-modal approach. Classes will take place virtually one week and on campus the following week.
  • Model 3: A predominantly virtually facilitated approach
    For subjects/modules that thrive virtually, we have adopted a fully virtually mediated approach. Students will still engage with lecturers on campus every term, either in meaningful discussion sessions, workshops, events and jams.

All three models make use of our virtual learning environment (Canvas), which outlines the course programme, the term’s schedule and assessment requirements, whilst also allowing the students to explore content, read articles, watch informative videos, watch curated selections of tutorials, and more.

Why is this beneficial to our students?

  • In a world that is increasingly digital, students benefit from the advantages of both virtual and on-campus learning: Students need to learn the etiquette of their praxis both online and through real-life contact in order to better serve in industry.
  • In a fast-paced and changing world, we need to ensure our students are dynamic, and can cope in differing professional environments — which is why we are adopting a combination of models across our subjects.
  • Students who graduate proficient in the digital processes of their praxis have the opportunity to work beyond geographic borders, meaning that there is further opportunity for international working relationships.
  • Our decisions and models are informed by observation and feedback during 2020 and 2021, where we were forced to ‘leapfrog’ and reconsider our pedagogical methodology. All decisions are made in favour of our regulatory authorities, who have instituted quality control measures to guide our novel approach. 

We believe our multimodal approach is progressive, beneficial and the best for our students and their future careers, at this time. We continue to observe, measure success and adapt where we see fit.
** All virtually mediated methodologies are synchronous. It is important to note that Open Window is not offering asynchronous distance learning, but contact-learning adopting multimodal methodologies.

Should you have any further questions, please contact our student support team.