Horror Club

The club focuses on showing lesser-known horror gems from across the globe. Jason and Freddy have retired: join us for a taste of new-age horror experiences that will make your blood run cold.

Every second Thursday of each term (Week 2, Week 4 and Week 6)
AV Auditorium, 19:00 - 22:00 - Free entry

Follow us at @owi_horror on Instagram for details about each screening

Club Pioneers
Morne Venter |
Jan Pretorius |

OW Cares Club

The OW Cares Clubs’ initiatives encourage empathy, understanding, and appreciation within the Open Window and to the communities at large through wellness initiatives, fundraising, and volunteer work.

Club Pioneers
Felicia Morgan |
Anja Polard |

Eco Club

Are you an avid gardener, or want to be but have no space to grow your veggies? Join our Eco Club and get the space you need.

The Open Garden Project is a dedicated space on campus, where you can have your very own vegetable garden.

Club Pioneer
Christo Niemandt |

The Popcorn Club

Have you ever wanted to swing a wand at your favourite magic school, sail the seven seas with your hardy crew of pirates, or go on a perilous adventure with your fellowship? At the Popcorn Club, we come together to make and enjoy all these fantasies together

Club Pioneers
Robin Barnard |

Climbing Club

Experience the thrill of climbing, an exhilarating and ever-changing adventure that welcomes participants of all abilities. Whether you've never considered yourself athletic or you constantly push your physical boundaries, climbing offers a personalized experience tailored just for you. At the OW climbing club, we're here to address your inquiries and demystify this incredible sport. You may find your passion in indoor climbing, or you might yearn to conquer the majestic peaks of the untamed wilderness. Discover the boulderer within you, ascending low walls with crash pads as your safety net, or evolve into a trad climber, equipped with an encyclopedic knowledge of knots and the ability to rappel down mountains.

Club Pioneer
Allen Laing |

Good Games Club

The GGC, or Good Games Club, is a game-focused club open to anyone. Join the GGC for online and in-person multiplayer games, tournaments, and competitions.

Club Pioneers
Marius Geldenhuys |
Lauren Wepener |

Queer Peers

We provide a creative space for persons who identify under LGBTQIA, to express themselves, raise awareness around gender issues and mingle with like-minded students and friends of the LGBTQIA community.

Club Pioneers
Clarisse Strijdom |

The Craft Club

The craft club is where students can do crafts such as crocheting, knitting and embroidery or if you have an interest in it, learn how to do them.

Club Pioneer
Emma Haas |

Streamer Club

A place to help all streamers and content creators manage their streams and grow. Open to anyone wanting to support or mod streams to further create a grand community of streamers.

Club Pioneer
Georgia Sayegh |

Cosplay Connoisseurs

The Cosplay Connoisseurs’ goal is to promote creativity and create a safe space for the cosplay community and any who are interested.

Club Pioneer
Aliyah Bennett |

Dance Club

The OW Dance Club is predominantly for people who love to dance but do not have the space or confidence to do so. We aim to create a space in which the creative dance juices can flow. We will encourage people of all different backgrounds to participate in and learn various different dance styles. We aim to reach a point where we can do performances at OW events.

Club Pioneer
Lebogang Hlongwane -

D&D Guild

The D&D Guild provides a safe and inclusive community for people interested in playing, discussing and learning how to play DnD and other Tabletop Role Playing Games. If you love the creative experience of collaboratively telling stories, building worlds, having in-depth discussions, teaching new people to play DnD, and of course, having a bunch of fun together, then this club is perfect for you. All are welcome, from newbies to veterans of the game. Answer the call to adventure.

Club Pioneers
Frederick Myburg |
Kurt Schwimmbacher |

Lighthouse Club

The Lighthouse Club is a faith-based club rooted in the Bible, our primary aim is to unite students in their journey of faith and knowledge. We firmly believe that transforming the world begins with transforming ourselves, and our campus serves as the perfect starting point for this change.

Our mission is clear: to empower individuals with the timeless wisdom and strength found within the pages of the Bible. Through shared readings, discussions, and prayers, we come together to deepen our understanding and application of scripture. Our community offers a safe haven where students can prepare themselves to face the challenges of the world with resilience, integrity, and unwavering faith.

Anyone is welcome to join in. From uplifting worship nights to thought-provoking discussions, from refreshing hikes to cosy movie nights, we provide a range of engaging experiences. Together, we strive to create a supportive environment where students can grow spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally, emerging as strong-minded, wholehearted individuals ready to make a positive impact in the world. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey together.

Club Pioneers
Nicola Prinsloo |
Antonio Delgado |


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