Africa Cinémathèque

Date: 10 October
Time: 18H00

Open Window Film Arts, in collaboration with the French Institute of South Africa, Alliance Française de Pretoria and IFCinéma, present a selection of six films by African filmmakers, on Monday 3 October and Monday 10 October (three films on each night).

  • Karingana: The Dead Tell No Tales – Inadelso Cossa (2020) Mozambique – 10min. After 30 years in the exile of death and oblivion, Nkomba Yengo returns to his native village to listen to the fantastic stories of old Yamba, but he finds him deaf and mute, and a village in amnesia and traumatised by the Civil War.
  • Mother I am Suffocating, this is my last film about you – Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese (2019) Lesotho – 1h16min. A farewell letter, a furious lamentation to a mother, a land, a hero, a victim, a martyr. This is a symbolic social-political voyage of a society spiralling between religion, identity and collective memory.
  • Ethereality – Kantarama Gahigiri (2019) Rwanda/Switzerland – 15min. Lost in space for 30 years, an astronaut finally manages to return to earth. But what does it mean to come home after so long? A reflection on migration and the feeling of belonging.

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French Institute of South Africa: @ifasculture