Annike Pienaar

Do what you love, Love what you do. I’m a Character Animator, currently based in Paris, France and working at Illumination Mac Guff. I…

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Blood sweat and Fears

Blood sweat and fears- Open Window Institute: NOW Gallery and the Open Window Horror Film Club present Blood, Sweat and Fears, an…

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Game Jam

Game Jam Event

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David Krynauw- Industrial Talk

David Krynauw Ontwerp produces contemporary, minimalist furniture out of sustainably sourced wood either from his family farm in Mpumalanga…

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Final Year Student: Exhibition | 28 November

The annual Final Graduate Showcase, for many students, marks the visual conclusion for their undergraduate studies and the beginning of…

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Lize-Marie Dreyer

At Aurora we have the overwhelming need to create things that are absolutely unique, once-in-a-lifetime and truly… Phenomenal.

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Are You Game Winner | 2017

Are You Game Winner: Koketso Kana. Game Concept: You are determined to finish construction on the tallest building in the city. Complete…

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Are You Game | 2018

Have an unusual game idea? Don't keep it to yourself! We’re looking for a simple, unusual and highly addictive mobile game idea. This…

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Stephanie de Beer

I'm currently a full-time Digital Designer at Ogilvy, Johannesburg. Confident that the future is uncertain, I'm open to learning and…

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Matthew Tager

In my final year, I grew the confidence to start sharing my work and began developing my profile in the creative industry. I was privileged…

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Open Window Christian Forum event

Three Theories of Everything | 15 February

Three Theories of Everything: A lecture by former Buddhist Monk now ministers in Switzerland, comparing three contrasting worldviews of…

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High Tension Horror Club Event

High Tension | 15 February

Date: Thursday at 19:00–21:00. Venue: AV Auditorium, Open Window High Tension: A beautiful young Frenchwoman, Alex (Maïwenn Le Besco),…

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