Fever Dreams - 14 June

Join us for an extraordinary showcase! Our talented 2nd years have poured their hearts into bringing you an exhilarating excerpt from Suzan-Lori Parks’s remarkable work, “365 Plays,” created within the span of 365 days! We’ve carefully handpicked our absolute favourites and are thrilled to present them to you, LIVE in the SAX Arena on Wednesday, June 14th.

Prepare for an immersive journey as we take you through multiple captivating worlds, where relatable characters, much like ourselves, come to life on stage. Mark your calendars because you won’t want to miss this incredible event!

There are two runs of the performance for your convenience:
One at 4:30 PM and another at 7:00 PM.

🎭 Students:
Danielle Landman
Elsrisca Mertz
Dorijke Du Toit
Kopano Nanyane
Mia Erasmus
Khanya Kilifile
Nayah Naidoo
Ashti Hari
Christiaan Ackermann