Product Design and Development Exhibition

The 3D Design Team (from 1st Year to 3rd Year) from the School of Creative Technologies. Created fully functional pieces as at the start of 2019. However this year it promises to push innovation and creativity to the next level.

The aim of the First Year group will be applying the fundamentals of 3D Design communication and problem-solving. The brief required from them to design a unique “designer stool”, with a contemporary reference to our beautiful country. Therefore take into account the basic elements and principles of design. They will be guided to analyze the ergonomic height of a stool. One panel was designed as a 2-dimensional extrusion and replicated 5 times to create a 3-Dimensional object. The first year team excelled in the challenge and it is our belief that this might be the top first term. The first-year project of any institution offering product design in South Africa. We are however yet to be proven wrong.

The Second Year project is a very technical, unique solution to storage and safety. Aluminium extrusions were used as a material base for the design. The lightweight, structural strong aluminium extrusions were developed. By the student and not merely a product of the shelve. The grip- could be used to store musical instruments, gardening tools and other equipment at an easily accessible height.

The Third Year group researched child development in its different phases. Therefore a child’s ergonomics, ISO Standards and design ethics were taken into account. To create a fully functional Child Development Toy for a very specific age group. In conclusion the result is a celebration of visual aesthetics and playfulness.

Venue: Upstairs Activation
Duration: 12 – 26 April