The Mini Mars Rover competition is an extracurricular event hosted by the School of Creative Technologies, in conjunction with the MakerSpace! The event has been sponsored by Retro Rabbit.


The MMR Competition:
We currently have 4 teams across the second and third year participating in the event. Teams are designing, building and fabricating their own Mini Mars Rovers that will need to traverse a *martian landscape, travelling from point A to point B and conducting *science along the way! There will be a 4-minute delay between movements of the rovers to *mimic the real world time delay between earth and mars!

This competition aims to encourage students to explore the tools and machines found in the MakerSpace, as well as learn how to use critical thinking to promote problem-solving and collaboration with teammates.
The event will be hosted at the OW campus on the 5th of June (barring weather conditions) in the AV auditorium and outside of the Student Help desk.