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“Where Airbnb Meets eBay for second-hand tech and Electronics” A second-hand marketplace with a twist…
Revolutionizing the way students, creatives and community access and use electronics among one another.

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Why Strapp?

Redefining Safety, Trust, and Convenience in Second-Hand Transactions

Have you ever bought or sold something rather expensive second-hand before? If so, you’ve likely asked yourself these questions: “Who am I dealing with?”, “Is this a scam?”, “How should we pay?”, “Where should we meet?”, “What if it’s actually broken?”, “Can I afford this?”, and “How often will I use this?”

Unfortunately, we have to ask ourselves these questions because today’s platforms don’t support their users. They lack safety measures, convenience, secure payment options, flexibility, and quality control.

Navigating the second-hand world can be daunting. Safety and trust are of utmost importance, yet finding desired items, assessing their condition, and dealing with payment uncertainties leave users with false promises. Additionally, the convenience of buying or selling from others is often compromised due to limited assistance with transaction facilitation and payment options.

Strapp – Where Airbnb Meets eBay for Second-Hand Tech & Electronics

Strapp is where “Airbnb meets eBay for second-hand tech & electronics.” We are a community-based second-hand marketplace that allows sellers and students to sell or rent their tech and electronics gear to other students, creatives or community members, with a unique Try Before You Buy option, which benefits both sellers and buyers.

As a seller on Strapp, you can maintain your desired selling price while earning rental income. We make it as easy as possible for you to sell your second-hand gear with everything managed for you. The simplest and safest way to sell.

Buyers, on the other hand, can save more money and time by trying the product before committing to a purchase. No need to worry about what you are buying because we have everything covered for you.

And with no risk of scams or uncertainty thanks to our secure payment holding, insurance, refund policy, and robust quality control measures, Strapp provides the most convenient second-hand experience for all users.

Strapp’s Vision for the Sharing Economy

Empowering Universities and Creating Second-Hand Communities

At Strapp, we are passionate about enabling everyone to safely, conveniently, and comfortably take part in the sharing and second-hand economy. Our platform aims to bridge the gap by empowering universities to create their own second-hand communities and engage with their wider community. With Strapp, universities have the opportunity to foster a sustainable sharing culture, encouraging students and creatives to actively participate.

Imagine a world where you can find the tech and electronics gear you need, knowing it’s trustworthy, accessible, and budget-friendly, or where you can comfortably sell your second-hand gear without any stress and knowing you are getting the most for what you have.

Strapp is enabling universities, students, creatives and communities across the country to connect and share in a way that is sustainable, easy and safe. By collaborating with various universities, we create a network that expands the possibilities of second-hand and amplifies the benefits of the sharing economy.

We believe in creating a safe, trustworthy, and seamless platform where you never have to ask yourself those daunting questions again. Strapp is here to redefine the second-hand tech marketplace, providing a vibrant community for students and creatives to connect, share, and benefit from each other’s resources.

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