A passionate 3rd-year industrial design student with a keen eye for the interesting little things to be discovered in this field. As a child, I used to love stripping things down. To their basic forms and building them up again and this is how I learnt. Design for me, as one of the world’s future industrial designers. Is creating interesting designs which are functional in more than one way. As well as bettering the design to the best of my ability.

I entered the Zepter International design competition in September 2017. With the brief of designing a kitchen gadget that was based on both “haute cuisine” and daily home food preparation. I designed The Pot Peg which an ergonomically designed peg which clamps onto the rim of any pot/bowl of any size. My designed is inspired by the shape of a tomato and its leaves sprouting about.

This product is used to hold your spoon/cooking utensil while cooking to avoid it from messing on a countertop, stove or table. This gadget eliminates the need for a side plate or spoon holder where one would usually put their spoon/cooking utensil when cooking. This gadget leaves almost no room for messing on the stove. This design is big enough to accommodate most spoon/fork sizes.

After all the hundreds of contestants that entered I got a special mention for my design and I’m the only contestant from South Africa to have their design featured and to have gotten a special mention as well.