The Creatives: Caitlin Conway

08 November 2022


How did you find the jump between being a student versus industry work?
Studying is so much more fun than working, as a student, your ideas get to be explored, but as a practising designer you have to give your client what they want, I’m definitely enjoying my prolonged studying and doing my honours.

Who inspires you in your practice?
Solving problems through design never gets old, a good problem is also good inspiration, it inspires me to design innovatively.

A favourite Open Window memory?
My favourite Open Window memory is making hats out of random stationery and loose paper in the first year, I still don’t really understand why we did it.

Do you have any advice for an up-and-coming creative?
Everything you have learnt and will learn can be used to inform and expand your creativity, never disregard knowledge or skills because they fall out of your traditional field.

What is your favourite spot to work in besides your desk at work?
I love working outside, particularly in parks, in my past life I’m sure I was an impressionist who spent hours outside painting scenes from nature

Favourite coffee brand/supplier (Source of Caffeine)?
Redbull, I always need those wings.

What is one thing about studying that you miss the most?
Working alongside your friends, as an honours student I’ve really been able to have this experience still, and thank goodness as I adore my peers.

What is a work mantra of yours?
If I finish this section I can watch Drag Race.

How do you keep yourself motivated to stay creative?
I surround myself with other creatives who inspire me, currently, my honours peers keep me inspired and motivated to push myself creatively as I get to watch them push themselves too.

What is an unpopular opinion you have?
Crocs should have stayed out of fashion, they are still as ugly as they were a decade ago.

What is a dream you are still working toward?
I would love to study and work abroad, I’m hoping to go to Germany in 2023 to kickstart this dream

What was your major, and are you still working in that field?
I’m a Multimedia designer, basically a Comm designer with UI UX skills, I’m now doing my honours at Open Window in Comm Design.

Where do you currently work?
I currently freelance.

Do you prefer online or in-person work?
Online is my preferred way to work because I can stay in my pyjamas in bed.

Your go-to creative snack?
2min noodles.

How do you get past a creative block?
Go outside, particularly for a walk.

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