Euro Trip Information Session

Dear OWI Parents and Students

We are happy to announce that we will be taking a group to Europe again. This year in September and this time will be visiting Paris, Belgium and Amsterdam. The Euro Tour initiative is motivated partly by our desires to expose students to historical gems. In the arts but also create awareness that students in creative fields. Need to stay current and be exposed to contemporary work from around the world.

By travelling with a team of Open Window lecturers, students are guaranteed to have their eyes opened to the value of the experience and to return enriched. Not only will the students have an immersive educational experience, but however we found that these tours also offer students with an opportunity. To develop a sense of independence, social skills and some memorable student experiences.

In conclusion there will be an information evening held at Open Window at 18h00 on Tuesday 17 March in the Auditorium. This meeting will cover a detailed itinerary, other important information and will be a chance to pick up registration forms and ask any questions you may have. For more info please email

The deadline for the initial deposit (R10 000) is 8 April 2019. Limited space is available.

Kind regards,

The 2020 Euro-Tour team

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