World Without End Exhibition

An exhibition by Hougaard Winterbach and Mark Kannemeyer.

This exhibition has been a long time in the making. The two artists sharing the exhibition have much in common. They grew up together in Stellenbosch in the Cape, and during the 70s and 80s discovered the work of important comic book artists, explored the world of rock ‘n’ roll music and delved into the different realms of popular culture. Both went on to study art. Kannemeyer studied painting in Berlin whilst Winterbach studied jewellery design in Stellenbosch. Both are currently lecturing drawing as a subject at tertiary institutions. Now, more than 40 years after they met, they decided to exhibit together.

Although their art styles differ greatly, as well as their preferred mediums, they still have much in common. A love for the surreal, the absurd and the bizarre pervades their work, fueled by the interests mentioned above, which have changed little over time.
In Kannemeyer’s drawings there is a strong narrative element, as well as humour and the absurd. Dense textures in line are common, often appearing as if a sudden gust of wind has disturbed the linework. The work translates into dreamlike landscapes or ghostly panoramas bordering on the abstract. Figurative elements also feature, often permeated with dark humour.

Winterbach’s sculptures, although all figurative, share this fascination with the absurd and the humorous, but are also infused with an eerie feeling of decay and the transitionary. The figures hark back to ancient sculpture, but are in a bizarre state of augmentation, “sprouting” crystalline structures and geometric shapes. The figures populate an unseen apocalyptic landscape and appear like gods, monsters and otherworldly beings annexing the world of the onlooker.

The exhibition documents an uncanny synthesis of interests and obsessions, of two-dimensional and three-dimensional, of the real and the fantastic.