Blood, Sweat and Fears II: Pages of the Necronomicon

The Open Window NOW Gallery returns with the second instalment of our annual Halloween exhibition. This year’s theme revolves around the mythical grimoire known as the Necronomicon. Rumoured to contain unimaginable power and bound in human flesh, the pages of this book grants its holder access to the powers of the underworld. Whether used to summon angels and demons, cast hexes and spells or learn the secrets of the world beyond the known, the Necronomicon contains the strange, horrific and weird. Each artist was tasked to produce an artwork related to the theme and visualise the contents of this terrible book. Join us for an evening filled with blood, sweat and fears!


Participating artists:

Chévonne Bräsler
Bianca Brand
Dillon Harland
Rikus Ferreira
Elio Moavero
Says Who
Skye Hendey
Morne Venter
Ronnie James
Henry Pieterse
Callan Laing
Nicola Chemaly
Eric Mnguni
Lutendo Muthala
Michael Stopforth
Peter Mammes
John Clayton
Neil Nieuwoudt
Christopher Steenkamp
Kristin Uken
Nina Torr
Ayrton Stoman
Johnny Allison