Loeries Travelling Exhibition

The Loeries travelling exhibition moves to Open Window.

Check out all the creative inspiration.

Every now and again, we are reminded why we chose to get into this industry. Why we chose the long study hours, the bad fast food we wolf down to meet a deadline. And the perpetual state of exhaustion we feel after working and reworking a line or design.

And then we see the work. The work that is coming out from some of the greatest and most creative minds in the industry. Work that inspires, makes a change and gets us thinking. Work that tells better stories. And this is when we remember why we chose a creative career in branding.

In conclusion “Visit The Loeries Travelling Exhibition, come and see why you do what you do. Come learn and be inspired and, more importantly, enter the Loeries, so one day you can inspire others,” says Loeries CEO Andrew Human.

The Loeries Travelling Exhibition 2019 opens at Open Window on 18 March and runs until 22 March. This exhibition is open to the public for viewing, and there is no entry fee.

The Loeries Travelling Exhibition serves as a source of inspiration for members of the creative industry, including marketers and aspiring agencies. Taking on the form of a pop-up exhibition, it showcases award-winning work from the advertising and brand communication industry across Africa and the Middle East, including winners of the Grand Prix, Gold and Silver Loeries from 2018.

For more information about the Loeries Travelling Exhibition at Open Window, contact Chantel Sirakis on 012 648 9200 or email chantel@openwindow.co.za.