Opens 18 August
NOW Gallery
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The ‘Exquisite Corpse Initiative’ is based on a game that was invented by Surrealist artists during the 1920s. This game involved the collaboration of a group of creatives, where each was required to contribute to a single image. This game serves as the premise for the annual Exquisite Corpse exhibition, as all works created for this exhibition follow a collaborative format that was inspired by this game.

The ‘Exquisite Corpse’ exhibition is an important annual event initiated by the School of Visual Communication and is founded on the value of collaboration. What makes ‘Exquisite Corpse’ special is that everyone creates work together. All of the outcomes will then be exhibited in the NOW gallery (18th August).

Poster design by Claire van Niekerk and Angelique du Toit
Featuring elements by Patrizia Vronka and Anya Heymans