Reveal Your Inner Creative

Step 1:
Access Open Window’s Virtual Campus — Virtual Window.
Download Virtual Window from the app store, or

Step 2:
You’re in! Create your unique avatar and complete all subject introduction quests to qualify and gain access to the competition.
(Quests can be selected from the colour wheel, or “Circle of Knowledge” as we like to call it.)

Step 3:
Once completed, speak to the Ghost (you’ll know him when you see him) about the scholarship programme.
If you don’t know what the Ghost’s going on about, ask your teacher to contact Open Window OR join us at Open Day and speak to a representative.

Step 4:
Enter your details and agree to the ts and cs.

Step 5:
You’ve got mail! You’ll receive confirmation of your interest via email along with further instructions.

Step 6:
Submit the 5 requirements found in the Scholarship Info Pack. An access controlled form will help you submit your final entry.

Voila! You’ve entered the competition.
Good luck creative!