ReLo: Charting Change - Tamara Weetman

An exhibition of collaborative maps made by Open Window students during the ReLo Participatory Mapping initiatives held in July 2023.

Tamara Weerman @ohweetie is a graphic designer and MA student at Stellenbosch University. While Tamara studies at Stellenbosch, her practice is based in Pretoria where she lives. The concept of community has always fascinated her and she continues to write about life in suburban communities. Tamara completed her Bachelor’s in Visual Communication (Cum Laude) in 2020 at Cape Town Creative Academy and her Honours in Visual Communication at Open Window in 2021 before beginning her time at Stellenbosch in 2022.

Tamara has spent three years, in both her Honours and her Masters, focusing on collaborative making. She enjoys working with people to create stronger connections. While her practice is mostly concentrated in the graphic design field, Tamara defines herself as a visual practitioner because she attempts to blur the lines between design, art and cartography. In her master’s practice, she concentrates on Participatory Design, specifically Participatory Mapping.

Through her practice, she explores how the process of mapping with participants may negotiate more sustainable communities. Her work investigates collaborative cartography and its roles in localising and hybridising communities. While her Master’s emphasis is on participatory mapping, mostly Tamara just wants people to come together, and spend more time together.

Date: 04 October
Time: 18:00
Venue: Auditorium Foyer