Winner: The winner will receive a R50 000 bursary towards any programme of their choice at The Open Window.*

Runner-up: The runner up will receive a R20 000 bursary towards any programme of their choice at The Open Window.*

There are four specialisation streams at Open Window:

  • Animation Arts
  • Creative Technologies
  • Film Arts
  • Visual Communication

There will be 1 winner and 1 runner up per stream!
*Please note that admission to OW programmes will be based on our standard admission requirements per programme. The bursary will only be viable for candidates that meet Degree entry requirements.

What to Enter 

The Open Window is looking for a young leader in ‘Visual Storytelling’. Visual Storytelling is a skill that all four schools at The Open Window emphasise: Animation Arts, Creative Technologies, Film Arts and Visual Communication. We want you to create a visual narrative in 5 images or frames according to the theme ‘Discovering your creative self’. You can use any format, any approach, or any visual medium – as long as you can submit your narrative digitally.

Some ideas to help you: 

Think of stop motion,* comics, photographs, typography, sound,* animation,* 3D objects, digital designs/illustrations, textiles, ceramics, film, etc. But you are not limited to these approaches.
*Please note that time-based entries should not exceed 30 seconds. 

Also, think of the following:

  • What are you trying to communicate in your narrative?
  • Does the format compliment your visual story?
  • Does the world compliment your visual story?
  • Were you playful in your approach?

How to Apply:

  • Complete our Application Process to see if you meet all the requirements.

Judging the competition:

All entries are subject to a selection process, emphasising: concept, creative use of the medium, technique, and professionalism.
Works will be judged individually based on the concept, story, use of material, quality of craftsmanship and skill demonstrated.
Bursary prizes will be awarded to individuals that show exceptional artistic talent and creative potential.
The OW Academic Committee will form the judging panel.

NB! All entrants must please read the rules / be familiar with the requirements of the competition.

Closing date for submissions – 15 December 2020 at 21:00
Winners will be announced 18 January 2021
*No entries will be accepted after the 15th of December 2020.