Night of the Pangolin

The Pangolin is an endangered, solitary, and predominantly nocturnal mammal covered in scales. They are well adapted for digging and climbing using their tails and rear legs for support and balance. We believe the Pangolin's uniqueness, resilience and dexterity is a worthy metaphor for our Open Window graduates. Creative spirits and pangolins share many mysterious and unknown qualities. However, there is one thing we know for certain: creative expression and pangolins alike do not fare well in captivity.

So join us as we unleash our pioneering student works and celebrate innovation and creative expression across the Open Window Visual Communication and Creative Technologies Schools in an event for the ages! The call of the mighty pangolin beckons.

We challenge all of our VC and CT students attending the awards to make their own masks when joining us as we celebrate their creativity and all of their hard work invested in 2021.

Express your inner creative creature by showing off your mask at the ‘Night of the Pangolin’ VC+CT 2021 Pangolin awards. The most intriguing mask will be awarded a mysterious prize. Let’s parade together!

Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, no parents are permitted to attend – it is a student and staff only event.