STADIO x OW Exhibition

Fashion editorial collaboration between Open Window and STADIO.

We are immensely excited to welcome you to the first creative collaboration between the STADIO School of Fashion and The Open Window.
In the creative industry, you will find that collaboration between creatives is the norm, and it takes experience and good people skills to be able to work with people you don’t always know. Although challenging, group work has tremendous potential. We learn by watching how creatives in other disciplines approach the creative process and solve problems. Even if they work in a different medium, we can take this knowledge with us to our next project. Also, by collaborating with them, you’re expanding your network to a group of people you likely would have never associated with otherwise (and vice versa).
This collaboration entailed a fashion editorial group project that was photographed on Saturday 21 August 2021 at Open Window’s Centurion (Southdowns) campus. The collaboration consisted of the fashion designers (STADIO) and make-up artists (STADIO), 2nd year photography students (OW) and the 3rd year art department on set (OW) students.

Image by: Michael Nieuwoudt, Tenisha Beyl, Emma-Gene Nel and STADIO fashion designer Tshegofatso Masigo

The Lecturers:
Suzette du Plooy (The Open Window: Photography)
Michael Angelopulo (The Open Window: Art Department onset)
Nina Torr (The Open Window: NOW gallery)
Janine McNulty (STADIO SOF: 2nd-year Makeup Module Coordinator)Nana
Nichole Smith (STADIO SOF: 1st-year Makeup Lecturer)
Simone van Dyk (STADIO SOF: 2nd-year Design Module Coordinator)
Carrie-Ann Dalton & Liezel McDougall (STADIO SOF: 2nd-year Technical Module Coordinators)
James Barrett-Poulsen (STADIO HOD: Fashion Design department)
Nande Sulelo (STADIO HOD: Media department)
Angelica Canosa (BCOMM project management lecturers)
Jenna Segal (BCOMM project management co-ordinator)

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