OW Plagiarism Declaration

The Open Window places great emphasis on integrity & ethical conduct in the preparation of all work submitted for evaluation. While academic staff teach you about referencing techniques and how to avoid plagiarism, it is your responsibility not to plagiarise. It is your responsibility to consult your lecturer if you are uncertain about what is required in this regard. 

You are guilty of plagiarism if you copy from another author’s work (e.g. book, article, visual work etc.) without acknowledging the source in your submission and pass it off as your own. This is not only the case when you copy work word-for-word / composition-for-composition (verbatim), but also when you submit someone else’s work in a slightly altered form (paraphrased / completed in a slightly different style) or use a line of argument without acknowledging it. You are not allowed to use or copy work previously produced by another student. You are also not allowed to let anybody copy your work with the intention of passing it off as their work. 

Students who commit plagiarism will be penalised according to the process in the Procedure for plagiarism incidents. The matter may also be referred to the Disciplinary Committee for a ruling. 

By submitting any project to The Open Window, written or practical, you agree to the following:

  1. I have read the Open Window Policy and Procedure on Plagiarism and understand the contents thereof.
  2. The work submitted is my own original work.
  3. I have given sufficient acknowledgement to all sources used as reference for this project (written or visual). (This includes references to other work / projects / ideas / concepts / theories, etc., whether extracted from a source in a digital, printed, or verbal nature has been acknowledged in the submitted work.)
  4. The submitted project has not been copied from any current or previous student and belongs to me.
  5. I have not let anybody use, submit and / or copy my work for evaluation or submission purposes.
  6. I am aware that plagiarism is a criminal offence and that Open Window reserves the right to conduct a disciplinary hearing, take legal action or even expel me should I be found guilty of plagiarism.