SRC Elections - 2022/23

Are you a community-builder? Do you care deeply about student life?
Have you got what takes to serve your peers? Apply to be on the 2022/3 Student Representative council.

Do you fulfil these requirements?

1. I am in my second year of studies or higher.
2. I have an academic average of 65% or higher.
3. I am in clear financial standing with the Open Window.
4. I intend to honour my responsibilities for the duration of my term.

Then do the following:

To nominate yourself as an SRC candidate and campaign to your fellow students, you must submit the following for the distribution:
A video that explains who you are, and what your platform as an SRC member
encompasses. In other words, why should your peers vote for you?

This can take a variety of multimedia forms ( slide shows, gifs , illustrations, motion design,
interview videos, etc) and you are limited only by the following:

  • The video is a maximum of 60 seconds long.
  • The video is in 1080 x 1920 portrait, suitable for the Instagram Reels function
  • The video clearly elaborates on your campaign and goals through text or voice.
  • The video only represents one candidate.
  • The video contains no illegal, offensive, or copyrighted material.

Collaboration is encouraged! Ask your fellow students for help, advice, or camera operation to formulate your campaign’s ideal look, feel, and message.
Submissions open on Friday the 25th of March 2022. Submissions close on Wednesday the 30th of March 2022. All nominees must avail themselves from 22-24 April 2022 for an SRC leadership camp, in the event that they are successfully elected.
Please note that submissions will be opened via a Google Form through the official Open Window student email channels and will require you to include a brief write-up, a headshot, and links to your social media.

For more information, contact


SRC Mission and Vision

Mission: Equipping students with the tools to handle their university experience; academically, social and mentally in a low-pressure peer to peer setting.

Vision: Arming and inspiring a student community driven by resilience.

SRC PresidentJarred Karp

In 2021, the SRC has shifted its focus from extracurricular events to a more student-oriented approach. I urge you to get in contact with us, the SRC if you are feeling tired, run-down or if you are not coping. Please get in touch with any of the SRC members and let us help you down a path of healthy coping mechanisms in these hard times.

You’ll see that the SRC also now has an office (Yolandi’s old office opposite the upstairs’ bathrooms in the main building). Each SRC member has fixed office hours and we would like to encourage all students to pop in anytime. We’re here for you.

In 2021, we’ve also introduced a new section of the SRC. This division is known as the SRC shadowing committee. This committee is comprised of 15 first-year students who show a lot of leadership potential and are interested in becoming part of the SRC in future. For more information, go read the letter down below from our SRC shadowing liaison, Ben-Nathan.

If you see me on campus, please don’t hesitate to come up to me, introduce yourself and give me a Covid friendly elbow bump. I look forward to experiencing this year with all of you and getting to know you all.
Wear your mask, social distance, eat your veggies and let’s beat this pandemic together!

Instagrams : @saint_yared / @openwindow_src
Office Hours: Thursday 11 AM - 1 PM

SRC Vice PresidentNicole Thackwray

I double major in screenwriting and production design - I’m in my third year so I also major in being very tired all the time. My passion is the complexity and beauty of storytelling. I like to learn how to make objects, characters and words serve multiple purposes onscreen and create detailed, vibrant worlds for the viewer and the character to explore - whether that be on paper, or on set. In my personal capacity, I am passionate about charity and community. In my precious little free time, I sew, edit videos, and subject my better half to my culinary experiments.

I am extending my run with the SRC as vice president this year, after my presidency last year, and I continue to serve for the same reasons: to empower my fellow students, advocate for them, and make their university experience worthwhile in every way that I am able.

My role this year is more administrative, and I am fortunate to have a good relationship with the admin team, and so I encourage all of my fellow students to reach out to me should they need this kind of support.

Instagram: @toomanynoodles
Office Hours: Wednesdays, 12:00 -14:00 and Thursdays 9:00 - 11:00

Student SupportTakalani Mafumo

I’m majoring in photography and Interaction design. With my work, I aim to use my platform to help explore the world from the perspective of a black female photographer in South Africa as there are not a lot of people who like me both work in photography and in the interaction ( UX/UI) industry. I hope to create work that inspires other people’s lives and challenges them to go and pursue their dreams no matter what challenges they might encounter in their lives.

Being granted the opportunity to serve on the SRC this year I hope to bring some kind of change with the students that I meet on campus.

I would like to be a friendly face that people get to talk to on-campus or online as over the past year we have not had the chance to do so due to COVID. I hope that I can create a space that the students will feel comfortable with approaching me as I can serve as a link between the students and the Open Window staff members.

Instagram: @takimafumo
Office Hours: Wednesday 10:00 -12:00

Student SupportJessica-Ann van Rensburg

I’m majoring in Screen Acting and Film & TV. My passion is to use art, specifically film and storytelling to not only express and explore myself but also to share the stories that don't always get told, to help people feel less alone in this world and to create work that may potentially make a change, even if it’s just in one person's life.

I want to serve as an SRC this year as I recognize the lack of empathy in the world, especially post COVID and I really want to be someone who creates a safe, loving and fun environment for my peers, as well as motivating them in their creative ventures.

Due to the current learning setup as a result of the pandemic, a personal goal of mine is to bridge the gap between new students and established students who haven’t had the chance to meet yet and provide them with kindness and support however I can.

Office hours: Tuesday 11:00 - 13:00

Student SupportAmogelang Mashinini

I major In Motion Design and Illustration. Writing has always been my thing and I will write all the things I want to and see them come to fruition whether they be good or bad.

I will serve the SRC as a voice of reason. I want to be the person people come to for advice. I want to help people be able to make logical decisions and not give in to things that will make things worse. Lead people of OWI to a higher level of maturity. I think it’s ridiculous to expect people of our age to have life sorted from the get-go. It’s a learning experience where we are bound to make mistakes and we can learn from them and use that to grow into a great generation. That is my main goal.

Instagram @encothelegit
Office hours: Fri:12:00 - 14:00

First-Year Shadowing Portfolio PresidentBen-Nathan Ras

I’m majoring in Film & TV & Sound Design. My passion is to create art in the form of filmmaking and visual storytelling in the moving picture. Seeing how something I have created is able to move people and make them feel something is extraordinary for me. Filmmaking has also been my passion ever since I can remember, so to finally be able to do something that interests me so much is so fulfilling.

Being a first-year student in times like these (COVID🦠), we don’t really know each other on campus that well. This is a shame because for the first time in our lives we are completely surrounded by like-minded creative people. Another reason is to help our fellow students find their way around and make life on campus a little easier since it’s much easier sometimes and for some people to talk to one of their peers who are able to relate with them.

I will serve with an open mind, open ears and open heart. And a smile on my face, although it’s hidden behind my mask, so if you see me I promise I am smiling.

Email: /
Office hours: Mondays 9:00 -11:00 & 13:00 -14:00


The SRC Shadowing Programme is a way for first-year students to get involved with SRC Initiatives before they are eligible to join as fully-fledged SRC members. The Programme provides an opportunity for these students to understand the inner workings of the SRC through participation, receive mentorship and enjoy some of the perks of being a part of the committee.

Student Support: The primary function of the SRC is to provide support and guidance to our fellow students. The team is available daily via email or on campus.


 Visit our Instagram page for entertaining yet informative updates on all current SRC initiatives and events! @openwindow_src


The SRC is excited to introduce the launch of Open Window Merchandise! We chose a winning design from a pool of students with Savanna Sinden’s design launching this exciting initiative.

Kindly note that we have reached our order limit on this batch of Merchandise, stay tuned for our new selection coming soon!



Eco Consciousness: In the spirit of eco-consciousness and co-existing with our natural environment, we will be setting up two ‘owl boxes’ around campus to provide nesting space for these threatened creatures.