SRC Mission and Vision

Mission: Equipping students with the tools to handle their university experience; academically, social and mentally in a low-pressure peer to peer setting.

Vision: Arming and inspiring a student community driven by resilience.

SRC PresidentBen-Nathan Ras - Ben

Hi there! What an honour to serve on the SRC in 2022. Slowly but surely our lives are returning to normal and we aren’t stuck in a daily masked ritual anymore. There isn’t a greater thing we as the SRC could have possibly wished for, as it is our mission to get student life back to what it once was at Open Window, pre-pandemic. With the great success of our events thus far we are thrilled for what is yet to come and we can’t wait to see you all there!

We are here to enhance your student-life experience but it doesn’t stop there. As the name implies we are here to represent our fellow peers. So never be hesitant to approach one of us when you see us on campus, whether it be work related or you just have a brilliant idea for an event, we are all ears with open minds.

We urge you to get in contact with the SRC, if you feel that you aren’t coping. Please let us assist in guiding you down a path of healthy coping mechanisms.The SRC now has an office!!! (Across the bathrooms upstairs in the main building). Each SRC member has fixed office hours and we would like to encourage all students to pop in anytime! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Office Hours: Monday 12 - 1 PM

SRC Vice PresidentTakalani Mafumo - Taki

Hi, I’m Takalani Mafumo and the Vice President of the 2022/23 SRC. I am currently in my final year studying towards a BA in Visual Communication double majoring Photography and Interaction Design. As the Vice President my role is to make sure that all the things that happen behind the scenes get done such as making sure student’s needs and wants are being communicated between the students and the staff.

While I’m still here studying at Open Window, my aim is to help facilitate and create a safe and inclusive space where people feel free to express themselves.Being in a new space is sometimes challenging so I hope that when the students do see me on campus I can serve as welcoming and friendly face that is open to talking and meeting new people

Office Hours: Tuesday 1 - 2 PM

SRC SecretaryAlexa Pettitt - Alexa

Hi, I’m Alexa! I’m double majoring in interaction design and interactive development. I aim to further integrate creativity and the world of technology through creating websites and applications which not only inspires others but also incorporates the art of storytelling.

Through the SRC, I would like to help students create the university experience that had been envisioned by our younger selves. I want to help create opportunities for students to meet lifelong friends whilst helping lighten the load of stress through some amazing events or even just by being a friendly face to speak to.

My role this year is on the more administrative side, as the SRC secretary. I will make sure the SRC stays on top of all their tasks, to ensure that we’re all on the same page and able to enhance student life.!

Office Hours: Wednesday 1 - 2 PM

SRC First Year Shadowing PortfolioHeyns de Jongh - HF

Hello! I am currently a second year student in the Film Arts school. I am double majoring in Film & TV as well as Screenwriting. My goal is to one day be a writer/director and share the awesomeness, beauty, complexity, emotion, creativity, and magic of cinema across the world.

What I plan on achieving as part of the SRC is to make students feel that they belong on campus. Whether this is through having socials on campus, or through the amazing clubs that we have on campus. I really want to create a sense of community on campus.

My role in the SRC is the Shadowing SRC coordinator. What this means is that any communication that needs to be relayed over to the SRC Shadowers goes through me. This will include any time that we (the SRC) need help with events. I also serve as a spokesperson for the Shadowers on the SRC. If any of the current Shadowers have any ideas they wish to be implemented they can come and speak with me and I’ll relay it to the SRC

Office Hours: Wednesday 12 - 1 PM

SRC TreasurerClarisse Strijdom - CS

My name is CS & I am a SRC member. My role in the SRC is the Treasurer. I am a 2nd year student studying in the Creative Technology school. My majors are Interaction Design and Interactive Development. My aim is to be one of the best designers and to gain experience and knowledge as I travel with my work to work with people who have disabilities, I want to be able to help them through what I love to do.

The reason I joined the SRC is to be able to help my fellow students have a better and more memorable experience while studying at Open Window. I want to make student life more interesting, enjoyable and less stressful. I want to be there for the students who need it ,even if it is only a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen to them. I am an extrovert, hard learner and I am passionate about what I do. I will work as hard as I can to improve myself as a person, student and friend.

I have office hours in the SRC office on Thursdays and the door is always open if anyone needs a shoulder to lean on, or needs help with anything regarding their studies.

Office Hours: Thursday 12 - 1 PM

SRC Student SupportJoshua Blignaut - Josh

I’m Josh. I am single majoring in Film and Television, with a range of modules in multiple areas. I want to grow and develop my skills as a filmmaker, experiment with creative filming techniques, and to have fun with the art form. I have a passion for multiple art forms and mediums, and try to incorporate them all together when possible. In my off time I enjoy playing music, sports, and performing sleight of hand/illusions. I also enjoy taking cool pics.

I’m serving on the SRC because I want to be involved with creating events and help interact with students. I want to help create a space for connections and friendships on campus.
My role on the SRC is more of a general role, I help out wherever I’m needed, as well as coordinate and manage communication between campus facilities and the SRC.

Office Hours: Thursday 1 - 2 PM


The SRC Shadowing Programme is a way for first-year students to get involved with SRC Initiatives before they are eligible to join as fully-fledged SRC members. The Programme provides an opportunity for these students to understand the inner workings of the SRC through participation, receive mentorship and enjoy some of the perks of being a part of the committee.

Student Support: The primary function of the SRC is to provide support and guidance to our fellow students. The team is available daily via email or on campus.


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The SRC is excited to introduce the launch of Open Window Merchandise! We chose a winning design from a pool of students with Savanna Sinden’s design launching this exciting initiative.

Kindly note that we have reached our order limit on this batch of Merchandise, stay tuned for our new selection coming soon!



Eco Consciousness: In the spirit of eco-consciousness and co-existing with our natural environment, we will be setting up two ‘owl boxes’ around campus to provide nesting space for these threatened creatures.