Honours in Visual Communication

NQF Level 8 | SAQA ID: 62991

Open Window’s Honours in Visual Communication,  is offered at an NQF level 8 and consists of 120 credits. 

The duration of this programme is one year of full-time study or two years of part-time study. The programme is tailored to allow the student to investigate a specific area of specialisation related to the fields of Visual Communication Design, Creative Technology or Film Arts, in an independent manner. 

The course emphasises a proficiency in scholarly research practice and a mastery of the relevant creative praxis. Postgraduate scholarly abilities, theoretical knowledge and research skills culminate in a research report. The development of practical abilities, skills and techniques suitable to a specific concept of research results in a body of work which is showcased at the end of the degree programme. 

Possible areas of expertise include film, animation, interaction design, interactive development, industrial design, graphic design, illustration and photography.


1 Year Duration, NQF Level 8 (120 credits)

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