OW Academic Staff

Academic Staff

Michael Angelopulo
B Arch
Maaike Bakker
MTech (Fine Arts)
Anette Barnard
PhD (Visual Studies)
Loraine Beaton
MA (Dramatic Art)
Carli Bester
BA Hons (Strategic Brand Communication)
Elani Botha
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Jorina Botha
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Marinda Botha
MA (English)
Theunis Botma
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Jared Brandjes
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Stephan Calitz
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Jason Chamberlain
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Ilana Cilliers
MA (Drama)
Nicola Clarke
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Lala Crafford
MA (Digital Interactive Media)
Jayne Crawshay-Hall Robertson
PhD (Art History)
Dawid de Villiers
M.Phil (Music Technology)
Maggie de Vos
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Suzette du Plooy
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Candice Edwards
BA Hons (Information Design), PGDip (Higher Education)
Louwrens Ferreira
BMus Hons
Garreth Fradgley
BA Hons (Motion Picture Medium)
Andrew Gould
BIS (Information Science) & BTech (Film & Television Production)
Stavros Halvatzis
PhD (Narrative Theory & Practice)
Nina Honiball
PhD (Family Medicine)
Neil Human
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Tsungai Katsuro
Bachelor of Science Honours – Computer Science
Mark Kirby-Hirst
PhD (Classics)
Carmen Koetje
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Danielle Labuschagne
Master of Architecture
Allen Laing

MTech (Fine Art)

Anzél Larkins
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Jozua Loots
MMus (Music Technology)
Christiaan Lourens
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Amy Maphagela
MA (Fundamental Communication)
Gabriel Marchand
MA (Drama Therapy)
Michael Maynard
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Dalene Meyer
BA (Fine Arts)
Welmarie Momberg
BA (Fine Arts)
Magalela Mtshali
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Christopher Pinto
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Armand Pretorius
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Inus Pretorius
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Jan Pretorius
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Dan Roberts
Enrolled for MA (Film)
Esteé Steyn
MA (Graphic Design)
Nina Torr
MTech (Fine Arts)
Jaco van der Merwe
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Marcha van der Merwe
MA in Design (Industrial Design)
Jan van der Walt
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Karl van Heerden
MVA (Master of Visual Arts)
Miranthe van Staden
B.Tech (Fine Arts)
Morné Venter
MA (Information Design)
Paulo Vilela
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Sean Viljoen
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Jóke van Dijk
BA Hons (Visual Communication)
Hougaard Winterbach

M.Tech (Fine Arts)
Zinhle Zulu
BA Hons (Visual Communication)

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Calendar 2022

Important Dates:

Open Day - September | 10 September
Honours Exhibition 2022 | 23 November
Final Year Exhibition 2022 | 29 November
Pangolin Awards 2022 | 1 & 2 December
Closes 2022 | 9 December
Open 2023 | 11 January

Academic Terms:

Term 3 | 11 July - 02 September
Term 4 | (Classes end: 28 October) 12 September - 2 December

Student Holidays:

Term 3 | 05 September - 09 September
Term 4 | (Classes end: 28 October) 09 December - TBC

Public Holidays:

Women's Day | 9 August
Reconciliation Day | 24 September

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Calendar 2023

Important Dates:

OW Opens 2023 | 11 January
Classes start for Current Students | 13 February
Classes start for Honours Students | 13 February
Classes start for New Degree and C+ Students | 13 February
Classes start for Certificate Students | 20 February
Open Day | 28 January
Open Day | 06 May
Graduation Ceremony 2022 | 5 - 10 June
Closed for Staff & Students | 26 June - 30 June
Open Day - September | 09 September
Honours Exhibition | 22 November
Final Year Exhibtion | 28 November
Pangolin Awards | 30 November - 01 December
Closes 2023 | 8 December
Open 2024 | TBC

Academic Terms:

Term 1 | 13 February - 7 April
Term 2 | 24 April - 16 June
Term 3 | 10 July - 01 September
Term 4 | (Classes end: 28 October) 11 September - 1 December

Student Holidays:

Term 1 | 10 April - 21 April
Term 2 | 19 June - 10 July
Term 3 | 04 September - 08 September
Term 4 | (Classes end: 03 November) 08 December - TBC

Public Holidays:

Human Rights Day | 21 March
Good Friday | 07 April
Family Day | 10 April
Freedom Day | 27 April
Workers' Day | 2 May
Youth Day | 16 June
Women's Day | 9 August
Reconciliation Day | 24 September

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The Open Window Job Board helps to facilitate placements of third-year students by creating a platform where career opportunities can be listed. The Job Board manager receives numerous requests on a daily basis from industry clients who specifically request Open Window graduates; positions and opportunities are published daily for job seeking and freelance artists.

Leave this blank if the location is not important.
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The Library at Open Window (OW) facilitates a culture of continuous learning by offering a collection of books, periodicals and DVD’s to meet the study needs of our students. In addition, it offers access to electronic resources for the broadening of knowledge and academic research to students and faculty members alike.

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

No login required. Note: The ‘call number’ in the query result refers to the shelf location in the OW Library.

Prescribed Database

Access details available from OW Librarian: library@openwindow.co.za

Open Access: Journals

Academic Journals accelerates the dissemination of knowledge.

Academic Journals

The Peer-reviewed Open Access Online Journal for Animation History and Theory.

Animation Studies

A journal collection of various software history and theory journals.

Computational Culture

DOAJ is a community-curated online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals.

Directory of Open Access Journals

The Fashion and Race Database provides an accessible, academic treatment to one of fashion’s most critical topics facing us today.

Fashion and Race

The Fibreculture Journal is a peer-reviewed international journal, exploring issues and ideas within the Fibreculture network.

Fibreculture Journal

The international journal of computer game research.

Game Studies

Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine.

Google Scholar

JSTOR is a digital library founded in 1995 in New York City. Login required.

Jstor Database

Rhizomes is an independent peer-reviewed online journal (ISSN 1555-9998) published twice-yearly.


Sabinet ensures easy access to credible, accurate and updated information.
Part access.


Subscription and open access journals from SAGE Publishing.
Part access.

Sage Journals

Senses of Cinema is a quarterly online film magazine founded in 1999 by filmmaker Bill Mousoulis.

Senses of Cinema

Taylor & Francis Group is an international company that publishes books and academic journals. Part access / Login required.

Taylor and Francis

Transformations peer-reviewed journal addressing the transformative processes of new technologies and mediating practices.


Open Access: Books

Library Hours

During Academic terms

Mon – Thurs: 08h00 – 18h00
Fri : 08h00 – 15h00
Weekends: Not open
Student Holidays:
Mon – Fri : 08h00 – 15h00

For any library-related enquiries please feel free to contact Gontse Mathabathe at library@openwindow.co.za

Did you know?

The OW Librarian will help with information sources you cannot find or access.
We are part of the Inter-Library Loans (ILL) system in South Africa. Free service for honours students only.
Printing facilities are available in the library. Arrange payment via our Finance office.
All you need to do for assistance is to ASK the Librarian.



Graduates, doing us proud

The golden thread that has always resonated throughout The Open Window’s existence is its ability to attract top calibre individuals – we are proud of our experienced, qualified and passionate lecturers, our unique, ambitious and versatile students and we salute our line of alumni that contribute tremendously to the industry.

Savanah Xanthides

Matthew Tager

Stephanie de Beer

Lize-Marie Dreyer

Annike Pienaar

Job Dashboard

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It is the vision of Open Window to be a leader and trendsetter in the education sector of South Africa and internationally by achieving product excellence through academic rigour and industry relevance, the use of cutting-edge technology and the continuous upgrading of infrastructure in a customer centric environment.


Our mission is to deliver creative and critical thinkers who possess the technical, dynamic, professional and multi-skilled capabilities globally required by the creative industries. We provide relevant education opportunities through the application of:

  • Superior educational models
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • International competitive outcomes
  • Standards of excellence
  • Industry requirements


Open Window is part of the UXi Private Education Group and is affiliated to the following international educational institutions:


  • Registered Private Higher Education Institution founded in 1993
  • Leading school in design and digital sciences
  • Key driver of conceptual thinking

  • Curricula inspired by ongoing innovation
  • Highest academic standards
  • Consistent evolution in line with industry flux and progression

The Gautrain station in Centurion is a mere 5,7 km away on the Gautrain bus route. The bus stop is situated directly in front of our campus and operates every 20 minutes during peak hours and every 40 minutes during off-peak hours Monday to Friday.

Students can enjoy the use of a high-tech auditorium, spacious air-conditioned studios and lecture halls, a film production area with overhead lighting and green screen facilities.

The leisurely and safe environment allows students to relax between classes and gives them a variety of open space to work and explore their creativity.

The Open Window library is stocked with the latest resources specific to the disciplines we offer. It is equipped with ample workstations with Mac desktops, a Wi-Fi hotspot area with high speed Internet.

Students are able to catch up on work after hours in a safe and convenient environment as the campus has 24-hour security and secure parking.

Leaving the campus to grab a coffee and a bite to eat is not always an option between classes. Open Window is home to Arcade Empire Café who is known for their irresistible coffee, tasty meals and great social vibe.


Specialised and ever-developing disciplines including:

  • Game Design
  • Product Design
  • Film and Animation
  • Photography, Design and Illustration
  • Interaction Design and Development

  • Academic excellence
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Industry relevance
  • Extensive/global relationships
  • A merging of theory and practice which develops future professionals